Play Sakong And Get Various Bonuses!
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Play Sakong And Get Various Bonuses!

Sakong is a type of online card gambling game that was launched a few years ago. However, it turns out that this game is very popular with many people, especially gambling players from Indonesia. Besides being fun to play, it turns out that how to play Sakong on LipoQQ is very easy to understand. Sakong or what is known as sakong online game is a gambling game that uses playing cards as the main medium of play. Each player will get 3 cards to compete with other players. The total number of players in the Sakong game is 8 people. So, you can play this Sakong with your friends on situs judi online24jam.

Play Sakong

How To Play Sakong?

To be able to play Sakong on LipoQQ, you can learn from various sites such as reading articles, watching videos, or asking expert players. This sakong game is easy to play on situs judi online24jam. The following is how to play sakong:

  • The highest score: In the pocket play, the value of 10 is the highest value, where every player who gets a card with 10 will be paid double by the dealer.
  • Using 3 cards: This game played using cards, where cards will be divided into 3 cards.
  • Determination of winners: To calculate who won and who lost in this pocket game, the number of cards usually counted starting from numbers 1–9 instead of 0–9.
  • Jackpot: To get this Jackpot bonus you must also meet the requirements if you have received a special card that is included in the pocket game.
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